• Apr 29, 2015

Going along with our post last week on fonts, we wanted to share a few tips about choosing colors for your marketing pieces. Our hope is that these posts will help you design your websites and marketing materials with a little more ease.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing colors:

-Make sure your colors can be easily seen. Oftentimes contrasting colors can be your best bet, especially online. You want to make sure that your customers can easily read when they need to read without any strain. This also goes towards the depth of the colors you choose. Using a light blue pastel on a light purple pastel might be hard for your customer to see. Always test out what your materials look like on different medium – print oftentimes looks different than online.

Colors have emotions associated with them. Just try Googling color psychology and you’ll see many resources appear. Red is associated with energy and blue is associated with calmness. If you run a business that consults with newborn sleeping issues, you may not want to use red in your marketing materials. Most likely, it will not contribute to the feeling you are aiming for.

-Try matching the font text to colors that are in your images. In a blog post or in a brochure, pull in colors to have a cohesive look. Try using the colors you find in an image around your site.

-Above all, just play around and have fun with it! You’ll probably make some mistakes along the way, but we all do. Find some sites you love the look of and take notice of how they use color effectively! It can be a great starting point!

Resources to help:

  • This article on the psychology of color in marketing and branding
  • This guide on using colors in your marketing design
  • Effective Color Combinations for maximum impact
  • Canva’s cool color resource