• Mar 27, 2017

You probably know by now we’re fans of well-done promotional products. We think it’s a great way to provide your customers and clients a fun product while also advertising your business. We’ve previously chatted about our favorite summertime promotional products, office products, and options, ideas, and how to order from our site. This week, we wanted to share some examples of promotional products done well and share ideas for products as well.


Do you cheer for the Georgia Bulldogs but your spouse is a Georgia Tech fan? Maybe you’re an Alabama fan and your roommate is a Auburn Fan? We love the house divided signs if you have split allegiances. Games are always more fun with some friendly rivalry. These are the flags we’re talking about:

Source: Fanatics

Did you know that if you want one of these signs printed for an event we can help? Maybe you’re throwing a tailgate party and want one hanging up? Maybe you have a bar or restaurant and want to advertise the big game. Or maybe you want this printed on a postcard to send out to invite friends over or encourage people to come out and cheer on their team? We can help. An example from a Florida Gators vs. Georgia Bulldogs game below. Plus, this game was on Halloween so this venue wanted to incorporate that in their flyer too!


Do you have a pet business? Maybe a grooming or boarding place. DogTown USA is a grooming, boarding, and all things dog location. So, isn’t this the perfect promotional product for their business? Knowing your target audience will help you craft the perfect promotional gift for them.


There are lots of promotional products out there for fitness brands – from water bottles, to towels, to t-shirts. But we haven’t seen too many of these cooling headbands and we think it’s the perfect item for this summer! Plus, we think your customers/clients will love it because they likely don’t already have one! This would be especially great for a company that holds outdoor bootcamps or for a 5K or other outdoor event.


We know that webcam covers are becoming more and more popular. They help to provide people with the peace of mind that their camera isn’t on when they don’t want it to be – plus these can be added to virtually any computer. The perfect promotional product for any computer or security company.

Have you seen some other well done promotional products? Do you have an example from your own business?